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How to build best profitable blog niche in 7 steps for affiliate marketing


How to build best profitable blog niche in 7 steps for affiliate marketing 2021?

How to build best profitable blog niche in 7 steps for affiliate marketing

If you want to shine like Sun, first you have to burn like it. If you want to start earning online through affiliate marketing, you need to build the best profitable blog Niche today only, because driving traffic to your website takes time. At the same time, you need to sign up for Pinterest and Quora.

But how do you quickly create the best profitable blog niche? Here, we'll walk you through building the best profitable blog niche in 7 easy steps to start affiliate marketing fast and be successful in 2023.

If people say that you can earn from today immediately after creating a blog niche then they are lying, believe me, it takes at least 3-4 months to generate traffic and rank in Google if you publish good SEO articles consistently.

Nowadays, building a website without any knowledge of software is very easy and anyone can do it for their personal and business use. There is no need to hire professionals to develop your website or specialist niche because here you will find the best step by step guide for you.

7 Easy steps to build a profitable blog Niche

Niche is specialized targeted area of interest. Here are the 7 Simple Steps to Building a Profitable Blog Niche by anyone for successful Affiliate Marketing 2021.

Step #1: Research and find a niche that matches customer demand

Step #2: Get a cheap domain

Step #3: Get reliable hosting

Step #4: Customize a simple but awesome WordPress theme template

Step #5: Add important pages and great SEO optimized content

Step #6: Link your website to Google search console and google analytics

Step #7: Promote blog posts on social media and Pinterest


After selecting the profitable niche you need a top level domain which will be your website name and address, several companies provide the domain but out of all Namecheap provide the cheapest and reliable, you will also get a discount one year if you follow the link provided in this article. Their customer services are most reliable and serve 24x7. Namecheap, is the leader and largest domain providing company.

To make your website domain accessible and store all your data backups, you need hosting. There are several hosting companies, but Bluehost is the best because of its more reliable and cheapest services. They have certain plans which can be accessible here BLUEHOST. Another best option is HostGator, the second largest website hosting company.


After getting the domain and hosting, you are ready to launch your WordPress website through a one-click process provided by your hosting partner, namely BLUEHOST. WordPress is the most popular, and around 38% of website users use it.

You should select the simple but most attractive theme for your niche, you will find that most of the themes are free but have some limitations. You entered in affiliate marketing to make smart money, we recommend that you invest little money in the paid theme also at the initial stage because once you start posting and your website generates huge traffic, changing the theme can affect traffic.

So, let's start building your desired niche to get into affiliate marketing. If you already have the topic for your niche, you can skip step #1 and continue straight from step #2 to build a website.


Step #1: Research and find a niche that matches customer demand

Niche helps demonstrate your expertise in a specific area to your customers (visitors) and build repo. A generic site that focuses on many topics can be successful in driving traffic but cannot build customer reputation which is very necessary to sell the products in affiliate marketing.

Don't limit yourself to finding a niche that interests you or is compatible with your knowledge and skills. In this internet world, you can gain knowledge in almost any field, therefore, focus on the most profitable filed as your primary goal is to make more money through affiliate marketing. Whether you have knowledge or not, but you must present yourself that you are the one who can bring solution to all problems to all people.

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How to select profitable niche for affiliate marketing 2021

Here is the quick step-by-step guide to find your desired profitable niche.

Sub-step (A): List your area of competency or interest

It is always advisable to make a list of all your areas of expertise that will ultimately help you write the right content. The area of ​​interest can be your hobbies, passion, education, and other qualifications. You can write the top 10 from most interested to least interested.

So, first of all, you list all of your interested areas where you have a good grasp and confidence to attract your affiliate customers. You can consider  these interests as keywords for your niche.


Sub-step (B): List your customer’s interest

Regardless of your area of ​​interest, it is also important to research whether your area of ​​interest is also the interest of your audience or customer. Otherwise, you're posting great content, but still not getting the traffic you want.

The first principle of any business is to find the customer's demand and how you can delight them by providing your best services or offering the best products.

You are planning to do affiliate marketing to earn handsome profits so you should be aware of the latest trend in demand.

To know the latest customer demand or trend, you can use google trend, where you can search for your keyword and google trend will show you the latest trend, it can be up or down.

For example-1, search for ‘eye lenses’ in google trend, and you might find that it is increasing, means people search more.

For example 2, let's look up two topics, viz ‘physical health’ and ‘Health fitness’, and compare them with each other.


The screenshot above shows that people search "Physical Fitness" more than "Health Fitness"


Another platform to seek the interest of your customers is "Quora", it is a forum where people ask questions on any subjects and people, including experts, answers them.

Just type your keyword in the search bar and see the list of questions and answers. Focus more on questions which is answered by more people.

For example, type “Physical Fitness” in the search bar and you will find the screenshot below.


You can find the most interested topic in the form of questions, answers, and followers of those particular questions.


Sub-step (C): Compare your interest with customer’s interest

Now you have the full list of your skills and your clients' interests with the latest trend. Sort the corresponding field of interest and create another new list to finalize after making sure that affiliate products are also available in the market related to these pre-selected keywords.


Sub-step (D): Find out the availability of high payout affiliate products

To make sure your pre-screened Niche (keywords) is worth proceeding, it's time to find out that there are some high paying (high commission) affiliate programs and affiliate products available in the market that you will promote in your niche. Because if you don't have high paying affiliate products that match your niche, you don't have to enter the affiliate market with such Niche.

For this, you can again take the help of the Google search engine, Quora, Pinterest and Click Bank. 

Use clickbank to get best affiliate programs for niche

In the click bank, you can register free, then click on "Affiliate market". There are two options, you can search your niche or keyword directly in the “product search” tap or on the left side, there are full categories of products, you can select your category. Then the list of products will be displayed, you need to sort by selecting "Popular" and "Gravity" this shows that these products are very popular for sale.


Sub-step (E): Finalize the best niche based on high demand and high payout

You have now preselected keywords related to your area of ​​interest, customer interest, affiliate programs, and high demand - high paying affiliate products. So, it's time to wrap up the topic or keyword for your niche.


So, in step #1, you have researched and selected the best niche that is in high demand according to the current market trend and also has high earnings. Now is the time to build your website which should be the most user-friendly, cleanest, and most impressive.

Let's take the next step


Step #2: Get a cheap domain

You need a web address to start your website. The domain name is the name and address of your website to be searched on the Internet by anyone. For example, if you have selected your niche as "Physical Health", your domain name might be "physicalhealth.com" or "physicalhealth.org" or "physicalhealth.net", etc.

Here, “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, “.in”, “.uk”, etc. are domain extensions. Top-level domain extensions such as ".com", ".net", and ".org" are ideal for international business and are always preferred. The ".com" domain extension is right for you if you are using your personal website and targeting international traffic. Whereas if you are running an organization, the ".net" domain extension may be preferred. Government agencies or other NGOs and public organizations use “.org” as a domain extension.

Domain extensions such as ".in", ".uk", etc. are target specific countries.

We recommend that you select ".com" which is the most preferable domain extension, and which will help you get international traffic to your website.

Almost all domain provider companies charge between $ 16-19 per year. But there are some great options available with Namecheap, the leading domain provider, they give you a discount on domain name purchase and only charge $ 0.99- $ 1 for the first year, then around $ 13 per year as renewal fees.

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

Just $0.99! Get a popular domain today!

Get a FREE domain when you buy Shared hosting!

Bonus Tips: There are some great options for transfer your domain name from one domain provider company to another. If you think the annual renewal cost is higher in your domain providing company, you can change domain providers starting next year.

So, If you have existing domain from GoDaddy, its renewal charges is much more than Namecheap, You can transfer your existing domain from Godaddy to Namecheap to save almost $ 7 per year. 

 Get 50% Discount on Green Bar Single-domain EV SSL

Well, sometime, you can't get the domain name you want, maybe someone has already taken it, no problem, you can change a bit by adding a suffix and try again. It is not controlled by any domain provider company as it is centrally controlled by an international security system and therefore duplicate domain name is not possible.

Here is the step-by-step process for purchasing a domain name from Namecheap.

1. Click  Namecheap website to access the website

2. Click on Sign-up button or new customer “create my account”

3. You can sign up using your Google account.

4. Search your desired domain name (for example, XXXXXXX.com)

·        Your niche name/ keyword

·        Keep always short

·        Avoid hyphens or numerical

·        Select your desired domain extension i.e. .com or .uk etc.

5. Select the domain name and add to cart

6. Uncheck all other options as you will be purchasing the domain name only. (also uncheck SSL because you are going to get hosting from another company where you can get it for free)

7. Select for one year or two years, as desired.

8. Fill out the form (It is advisable to provide all the details of your permanent address including your real email id as you will be running your website for life and will help link with Google Search Console and analysis, which we will discuss in step 6).

9. Disable the auto-renew option, as desired

10. Enter your payment information and pay, you will get the desired domain name.

11. Check your domain details in “Manage my account” or “My Products” options.

12. It will take about an hour to activate your domain.

Just $0.99! Get a popular domain today!


find cheapest domain Namecheap for niche affiliate marketing

You may get discount on Namecheap latest coupon

Bonus Tips: It is always advisable to get a domain from one company and get hosting and SSL from another company.

So, let's take the next step


Step #3: Get reliable hosting

Web hosting is the soul of your website, without it you cannot run your website. It provides the services for storing your website data, content publishing platform, internet security and responsible for high-speed browsing.

It costs you around $ 4 to $ 7 per month which is not a lot because you are going to be building a great asset for life. Websites are like assets that provide a great source of income with minimum investment. Once your website gets traffic and starts selling affiliate products, you earn a lot more than that initial financial investment. How much can you earn from affiliate marketing? There is no limit, some people who earn between $ 1000 and $ 50,000 every month depend on your strength and hard work.


How to select the best hosting provider?

There are several hosting companies that you can find on the internet, but while getting the best hosting, make sure below 6 important points

Point #1. Try to get free SSL (security system)

Point #2.  Should Offer You Free One-Click WordPress Installation

Point #3. Provide the personalized email account

Point #4. Offer unlimited bandwidth

Point #5: Offer at least 50 GB website space.

Point #6. Offer 24 X 7 customer support services

If you google for the best hosting company, you will get Bluehost.com number one among them all. They will provide all the above facilities and services at the lowest price. There is no comparison with the others.

The best thing is that they also offer a free domain for the first year. This means that when you buy hosting from them, they won't cost you more for domain registration for the 1st year, it's completely free. [BUT THE DOMAIN NAME IS LIMITED FOR TOP-LEVEL DOMAIN EXTENSION ONLY, THEY DO NOT PROVIDE THE TARGETED COUNTRY DOMAIN EXTENSION, like ".uk", ".in". Some affiliate products are limited to a specific country, therefore your niche sometimes requires a country specific domain extension. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase a domain from Namecheap which is the cheapest.]


We highly recommend Bluehost for hosting your website because it is the most reliable among them all. There are four plans from $ 3.29 / month to premium $ 11.63 / month, but we recommend that you get a basic plan for the 1st year, then from next year you can change it after gaining confidence in running your website. Keep your initial investment as low as possible. Here is the discount link BLUEHOST to cost you even less.

How to build best profitable blog niche in 7 steps for affiliate marketing 2021?

How to get web hosting from Bluehost?

Here are the simple steps

1. Visit www.bluehost.com

2. Click on “Get Started Now”

3. Select “Basic” plan

4. Enter the domain name if you already own (if purchased from GoDaddy) otherwise you can get it from Bluehost by entering "create a new domain". (Keep in mind that Bluehost doesn't offer a country specific domain like .uk, .in .fr, etc., so it's best to purchase the domain on Namecheap separately.

How to build best profitable blog niche in 7 steps for affiliate marketing 2021?

5. Due to the discount, the flash message “Special registration offer” will appear, click on “claim savings” to get a reduction, ie $ 2.65 / month for the first registration only.

6. Follow the payment and registration instructions (make sure the same emails and contact details you registered with your domain company and for further communication), once payment is complete you will need a few minutes to access the creation of your dream WordPress site.

Second largest website hosting company is HostGator, you could follow the same procedure. They have three plans, starting from $2.75/month to $5.95/ month. Its basic price, but when you enter their, the price may be different after adding supplements. Big Discount - Avail Now, Discount Promo code - HOST60




Type: General Sale
Discount: 55% discount

Now, you are ready to build your website, select WordPress


Step #4: Customize a simple but awesome WordPress theme template

Bluehost provides you with a completely free one-click WordPress installation, which means you don't have to download it separately from the internet. it's easy to use, easy to customize, and available in thousands of free design templates or themes. You will get several free add-ons and plugins that will make your website more attractive and professional.

You can follow the step by step procedure below to customize your WordPress

1. Stay in the Bluehost account

2. Click on "Create Site" or "Create WordPress Site" in the My Site tab, write your site name, for example "Health & Fitness" and Add Tagline for example, " Your ultimate solution for health ”, Then click on“ next ”, select the domain name, leave the“ Directory ”empty (do not enter anything) uncheck all plugins and click on“ Next ”.

3. The installation process will take a few minutes, then the flash message will appear "Congratulations, WordPress successfully installed"

4. Write down all the details of your website, administrator, username and password for future use. An email can be sent to your registered email id, please check it.

5. Open a new browser and verify your domain name, a basic view of your website will be shown. Remember, this is just a basic and not a definitive one, so it doesn't look good. You will customize it in the next step.

6. Access your "my sites" tab again and click on manage site, then click on Launch your site.

7. Your SSL will be managed automatically in Bluehost, this is the great advantage of having a hosting with this company. You can verify this by looking at the locked icon in the corner of your website URL.

8. Now is the time to customize your website to make it look good and make it user friendly. You can follow the step by step process below to customize your theme.

a. Go to your admin dashboard and click on appearance, then click on add new theme

b. Type your favorite theme to search or you can download from wordpress.org

c. Click install, then customize your logo via "General" and "Layout", follow the instructions and continue, you can search for theme installation on YouTube for details, first you select all default plugins and delete it. Don't forget to add your navigation menu.


Step #5: Add important pages and great SEO optimized content

Pages should be created at the header or / and footer level of your website showing details of your business or niche such as "About Us", "Privacy Policy", " Disclaimer ”,“ Contact Us ”,“ Our Services ”,“ Affiliate Disclaimer ”etc., you can generate your privacy policy and disclaimer directly from others websites, just browse Google and type in "generate a privacy policy" and a "disclaimer". You can copy and paste into your pages or add html files to your c panel. You can just select the type of pages and insert it. Write the header of each page and simply click "publish"


Now is the time to create your first blog post. Click on the post, write an appealing title based on a keyword. You can search for keywords in google, google trend, and other websites like SEMrush. Follow SEO and publish articles.


Step #6: Link your website to Google search console and google analytics

It is very important to get your website listed in the Google search engine so that the world can access it. Google doesn't know you've created a website. Therefore, sign up for Google Search Console with your registration Google email ID and enter your website domain URL. Simply follow the instructions displayed in the Google search engine and submit the XML sitemap. You can find a full tutorial on YouTube.

The Google Search Console also allows you to study your website content and constantly suggest keywords suitable for your niche, which is very useful for posting a new article.

Likewise, you should register your website in Google Analytics, as the name analyzes your Niche and shows your website performance with keywords.


Step #7: Promote blog posts on social media and Pinterest

To drive traffic from social media and generate backlinks, you need to promote your niche on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. and other search engines such as Bing and Pinterest.

Here's a quick guide to driving traffic to your niche

1. You can prepare your Facebook pages with the exact same name of your niche; this also helps to rank in Google. You can share your blog post on Facebook.

2. You can share your blog post on Instagram and WhatsApp.

3. You can use your email and LinkedIn to promote your blog posts.

4. Sing-up Medium and share your posts.

5. Quora is the best forum for discussing unlimited topics, you can use this website to generate a Do-follow link of your Niche blog posts.

6. You can drive traffic to your niche from Pinterest, it's the best search engine. Here you can sign up, build your account, create boards, and post Pins that are directly related to your blog post. You can generate traffic in millions.


Power is not given; it must be taken. Don't wait for the best time to come, a positive mind finds opportunity in everything - anytime. If you want to start earning online through affiliate marketing in 2023, you need to start today. Create a profitable blog niche, start promoting it to generate traffic, and start earning online without too much financial investment.

Here we've discussed the 7 Quick steps to building the best profitable blogging niche so that you can earn more in 2023.

Building a website is very easy these days and doesn't require hiring software professionals. You search and select a profitable domain, get a cheap domain (Namecheap is the best), get reliable hosting with free SSL (Bluehost is on top), install WordPress with one click, customize the niche to your needs, publish a great content and promote them in social media and search engines. START TODAY for a BETTER TOMORROW.

You may find affiliate links in this article. This means that if you click on a link and purchase any of the products on this page, we may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, It does not affect our opinions or reviews. Everything we do is benefit for you as the reader, so all our reviews are as honest and unbiased as possible.

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