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Definition of “love” and meaning of ‘‘I love you’’ | What is love, scientifically?

Definition of “love” and meaning of ‘‘I love you’’ | What is love, scientifically?
What is love and how to define love

Definition of “love” and meaning of ‘‘I love you’’ | What is love, scientifically?

Here we try to understand the exact meaning of love and how to define love. There are three neurotransmitters involved in love which stimulate the attraction among us. We try to understand how the attraction activate our neurons and stimulate the feeling of love scientifically. Also, we try to understand the meaning of “I love you” because several time we are relating this with girlfriend and boyfriend.
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Best definition of love

Love is a combination of emotions, behaviours and beliefs linked with strong feelings of affection, attraction, security, warmness and respect for another person.

Love meaning

We can say that love is friendship. If someone can't become your best friend, you can never love him/her, friendship can’t live without love. So, we can simply say, love is friendship. We live once and we also die only once and true love also happens only once.

Full meaning of love

If you truly love someone, you may loss peace but still you will enjoy the life, you will enjoy the restlessness, it is still sweet and become addiction. Love is difficult to understand unless and unit you really feel it. Hard to say if understood, and unknown fear of response if said. After all, what to do? Let us know what love is, how it happens and when it happens. When you are in love and when she does not appear a single day, many unfavourable things begin to reach your heart. Hearts began to panic. Without Love, life began to seem boring, useless and meaningless. You don’t like food, begins to feel less hungry. When you are in love, you may not remember your date of birth, but remember the biographical data of your entire family from your date of birth.

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What is love, scientifically?

Scientifically, there are three main neurotransmitters involved with attraction Viz. Dopamine, Adrenaline and Serotonin.
Dopamine makes you feel nice and it has the same influence on the brain as doing cocaine. High signs of ‘Dopamine’ levels resulting in higher energy, suppressed hunger, higher ability to focus and less need for sleep.
Adrenaline, when you first start to fall in love with the person, your stress response is activated, increasing the level of adrenaline and cortisol in your blood. This explains why you might have sweaty palms and a racing heart.
Serotonin levels gets drop in people who are in love. This drop in levels can compare to the level of serotonin that a person with obsessive, compulsive disorder, might have this would explain any anxiousness or nervousness.
Pheromones are chemical substances that humans and animals produce, they can affect the behaviour of other humans or surrounding animals. They are excreted through the skin in the form of sweat and tears. These chemicals responsible for creating attraction to find your best genetically compatible partner. This was demonstrated in one of the studies where women were invited to rate the odour of shirts worn by different men and, in most cases, women rated better than those worn by men whose DNA was different from their own. So, we can say that it is attraction and how everything works, all your senses play an important role in being attracted to someone.
Pheromones use our sense of smell and stimulate attraction to another person. Our sense of sight is also great, see that it borders on good hair and fair skin, our instinct is to visually attract that person whose physical fitness characteristics coincide for reproduction. Our ears also contribute to this party of attraction. Hearing a person's voice along with the way they speak, in some cases higher or lower levels of attraction. While the sense of touch can be a very important part of any person's relationship, it can really make or break the initial stages. Many people become disinterested in a person after a bad first kiss, but they are making a bigger deal than necessary. well, it's not always that close to a person, their sense of smell, taste and touch are working together and when their brain reacts positively to a first kiss, their body is flooded with norepinephrine. Your body goes into fight or flight mode, your heart beats faster, and norepinephrine, a kind of tunnel vision to help you focus in front of you or run away. This chemical can distort your sense of time and improve your memory.
The love hormones, the family of oxytocin, are a group of hormones that are released from the old limbic emotional regions of our brain. They are released every time we look into each other's eyes, when we kiss, when we touch, when we kiss, when we say warm words, when we smile and laugh, and during sex and orgasms. This hormone induces bonding and attachment between creatures, and they are incredibly conserved throughout the evolution of worms to humans.
The highest level of this hormone is found in the blood of a woman giving birth. This hormone will induce labour, lactation and maternal behaviour.

I love you meaning

There are several meaning of the word “I Love You” based on their relations viz relation between mother and son, father and son, brother and sister, wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend, boys to boys, boys to girls, human and animals, etc. So, basically the word “I love you” indicate an assertion of affection or we can say it is more related to deep caring of relations. For spouse or lovers, it is an affirmation of romantic feeling. For mother and son/daughter or father and son/daughter of brother and sister, it is an affirmation more of caring and respect. Its responsive and one mode of say thanks for friends. We can use it to show our gratitude also for example, Thanks you so much my friend, I love you my friend. 


So, Love is a combination of emotions, behaviours and beliefs related and attached with strong feelings of affection, attraction, security, warmness, and respect for another person. When there is love between two persons, hormonal changes took place in our body which stimulate our action for care and security, feeling good and enjoying the each and every moment of life, and then we believe that we are the most happiest person of thins world. We have seen definition of love, the meaning of love and “I love you” as well as scientific meaning of love.

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