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Why and how to celebrate birthday? History behind it

History of happy birthday celebration and birthday cake candles
History of happy birthday celebration

Why and how to celebrate birthday? History behind it

Here you will know why happy birthday is celebrated, how birthday is celebrated in different countries and what is the story behind its celebration. We are all singing a very popular song that is "Happy Birthday to you", here we try to explain about history of birthday celebration and happy birthday song how it was published in the public domain.

Why do we celebrate birthday?

Why we celebrate birthdays is a very interesting topic, and it is on everyone's mind. It is obviously a kind of welcome for the person in this beautiful world and just to celebrate the event. If somebody ask a question, when did we humans start celebrating birthdays, well the earliest records of birthday celebration fall back to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt somewhere around 3000 BC. When pharaohs were crowned, they were considered to have taken rebirth as god. This divine promotion made their coronation date very special and they celebrated it by throwing parties. All peoples gathered and celebrated with some delicious food.

Why do we celebrate birthday?
Why do we celebrate birthday?

Later on the Greeks, took over this idea and they offered moon shaped cakes to Artemis, the lunar goddess, to recreate the radiance of the moon. The Greeks started lighting candles on the cakes which we still do today.
Since then the human population has grown exponentially, it was 14 million in 3000 BC has now grown to 7.8 billion. A population of 7.5 billion suggests that you probably share your birthday with around 21 million other people except that's not entirely true.
In America, for example, August and September are the most common birthday months, because nine months prior to this it's the holiday season, Christmasy, and people visit their friends and family, this happy aura all around people meet greet squeeze. One thing leads to another and someone is conceived similarly, only few people want to be in hospitals during auspicious events like holidays.
The least common birthday is therefore 25th of December, it has almost half as many babies born. As the most common one the 9th of September in fact 9 out of 10 topmost common birthdays all fall in September and the three least common ones are Christmas, New Year's and Christmas Eve.
Several times, the birthdays of people in the same families overlap, the media arrive on the same date, and that's really fun. But it is also financially positive, both the celebration in one day with a minimum cost and all the guests together, it is really fantastic. The probability of two people has their birthdays on the same day is nearly 50%. So the probability that at least two people share the birthdays would be 100 minus 50 which is 50%. This is called the birthday paradox.

Why do we celebrate birthday?
Why do we celebrate birthday?

Most of the time, people just celebrate their birthday just for fun or to promote social gathering and they never know the reason behind this and when someone asks why you celebrate the birthday they realize they have never put none, thought about where the celebration comes from. You may physically age by a year and we as a society use that as a marker for being able to go out and purchasing energy drink, cake, sweets and many more.

History of Happy birthday and happy birthday song

Birthday is celebrated with ‘Happy birthday to you’ song and this song is the most recognized song in English language. The tune of the song was a kindergarten melody called good morning to all it was written by two American sisters Patty and Mildred Hill in 1893 in 1911. The lyrics of the song was changed to happy birthday, it was copyrighted, and it started earning more than two million US dollars every year, finally it was put into public domain.
Birthday frequencies depend a lot on season and culture, they are not distributed equally. Once in every four year, there is a leap year in which February has 29 days, now you must be thinking that February 29th is the least common birth date of that year but you're wrong your birthday depends on when you were conceived.

How to sing happy birthday song

The song happy birthday was originally known as good morning to all and it was written by Patty Hill and Mildred Hill in the late 19th century. In 1893 Patty Hill and Mildred Hill published their song good morning to all in the book song stories for kindergarten. So according to Wikipedia, which has never been wrong, the hill sister students loved the song good morning to all so much that when they were at birthdays they would sing this song but change the words to happy birthday and dance around like little demon children.  

Why do we celebrate birthday?
Why do we celebrate birthday?

In almost all birthday, peoples are singing song and it is traditional one.  If you want to  sing happy birthday song then now it is free available in YouTube, just download it on your mobile phone and play. Peoples will dance on song and will enjoy a beautiful birthday party.

Happy birthday song download

This song become spontaneous song and every children’s started dancing on this song and dance just occurs especially when it's with nineteenth-century children. 

How to message happy birthday

It is an art to write a birthday message and different birthday messages are written for people of all ages, if a child is a small, he or she will write a cute message: If the person is older, then he or she will be writing a different type of message. Some birthday messages are funny, which are written to most friends.

How to message happy birthday
How to message happy birthday

Why birthday celebrated with cake and candles

It is in everyone's mind why we take cake and decorate candles, then why we blow out the candles, then why we cut the cake, and so on. There are many questions on our mind, let's try to discuss here the reason behind this.
If we see in history, they were only celebrated birthdays for men and then more likely around the 12th century they started celebration of birthday for women also. After that gained the right to have birthdays back in 1918 where they campaigned for equal rights and women started their birthday celebration.  

Why birthday celebrated with cake and candles
Why birthday celebrated with cake and candles

While celebrating the birthday, they decorate the whole area with lights, balloons, inviting relatives and friends, preparing different types of delicious dishes and of course, the birthday person receives a lot of gifts. Each year the person was alive, which is what we all do to celebrate their own birthday with candles and cake.
So to summarize Egypt did it first, Rome did it best and the Greeks like to eat cake that's the origin of birthdays.

Happy birthday cake and candles

Tradition of cake came from the ancient Greeks who much like the ancient Egyptians celebrated the birthdays of their gods except instead of men with hats they were statues of men without half on the goddess. Artemis is birthday the ancient Greeks used to make an offering of a moon shaped cake with candles on it. 

Happy birthday cake and candles
Happy birthday cake and candles

The candles were lit and put on the cakes to simulate the glowing effect of the moon, the reason they did this is because Artemis is the goddess of the moon, she's also the goddess of hunting Hills forests and archery.  

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Birthday celebration in Germany

This tradition was later added to in the 18th century by the not so ancient Germans who celebrated their own tradition called kinder Festa which going to get of a modern birthday celebration. Here peoples are arranging parties, ordering very big cake, decorating with lots of candles, using balloons to decorate the area, inviting peoples to celebrate the birthday and who are unbale to attend the celebration are sending birthday messages though Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Kinder Festa involves the classic idea of celebrating a birthday in Germany by serving up a cake with a candle on it.

How birthday is celebrated in India

Indian culture is unique in the world, it has a different tradition and to welcome all new things, they celebrate the event by lighting a lamp while when they lose something or someone, they put out the lamp. Therefore, while celebrating the birthday, they light the candle on the cake but do not put it out because the birthday is the celebration of a new birth or to continue life by welcoming new days or year.

Happy birthday cake and candles
Happy birthday cake and candles

I hope you are now aware of the story behind the birthday celebration, the happy birthday song and the importance of cake and candles. Likewise, party ideas shared with you can be helpful. We have a huge collection of birthday wishes, messages and quotes with beautiful images of cakes and candles. Don't waste time searching, grab your cell phone and share the best. We continually update the wish, quotes and messages with images to keep them ready for your use.

Also you may now know about why happy birthday is celebrated, how birthday is celebrated in different countries and what is the story behind its celebration, why we are all singing a very popular song that is "Happy Birthday to you", here we tried to explain about its history and how it was published in the public domain.

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