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Bluehost Vs HostGator – A fair comparison with evidence (October 2020)


Bluehost Vs HostGator – A fair comparison with evidence (October 2020)

Bluehost Vs HostGator – A fair comparison with evidence (October 2020)

Bluehost and HostGator are the two largest and most popular web hosting providers in the market today. If you are planning to develop your WordPress blogging or dedicated affiliate marketing website to make money online and you might be selected your profitable niche, now probably looking for web hosting, then you are at right place. Here we are sharing the fair comparison between Bluehost Vs HostGator with examples and evidence to let you know which one will work best with your WordPress blog or website.


What does WordPress recommending?

Just to check it out right away, please visit the WordPress website and write "hosting" in the search box, then hit enter and see the result, you will find three recommended results namely Bluehost, DreamHost and SiteGround. Where Bluehost is at the top recommended by WordPress.

You might be surprised that HostGator isn't here. But why doesn't WordPress recommend HostGator in its search result? Whether HostGator is not really compatible with WordPress? Hold down!!!.., wait!! ... wait!!! ... this is not 100% truth. HostGator is also compatible with WordPress but there may be other speed issues etc. which we'll see later, but so far it's clear that WordPress is promoting Bluehost, not HostGator.

This does not mean that HostGator will not work with WordPress. There is no doubt that it will work 100%, but you might have some compatibility issues.

Let’s consider a few other problems. Whenever someone wants to start an online business or an investment most people are looking for less investment with high profit, I meant pricing is another aspect of selecting the best hosting for your affiliate or your blog niche hosting. After all, you have to renew it to support your website for life, so one of the main aspects of everything is the price.


Price Comparison

let's compare the different prices offered by Bluehost and HostGator. The two hosting sites have different plans each, so we will compare them by selecting the best and cheapest one. Let's choose a plan to allow unlimited domain with free SSL.





3 yrs plan (Untick all additional)

$4.13 per month

(Total $148.62) (with offer)

$3.95 per month

(Total = $151.60)

Almost same

1 yr plan

$4.96 per month

$3.95 per month



Free – for one year

Free*- for one year

*if you buy at least 1 yr plan.

Only top domain and not country wise.

Unlimited websites


Not mentioned


SSD Storage


Not mentioned






One click WordPress install




Get coupon code for HostGator to save money

 You can visit the HostGator and Bluehost site to know the latest pricing

So, it is clear that, Bluehost, if you want to pay for a three year plan, it will cost you $ 4.13 per month and after applying the discount coupon, the total discounted amount will only be $148.62., but there isn't much price difference compared to HostGator. While for a one-year plan, Bluehost is a bit more expensive than HostGator.

Bluehost does not offer a monthly plan, you must pay for at least one year, however, HostGator does offer a monthly plan, but it costs you more compare to its one-year plan. So, when it comes to pricing, you always have to pay at least a year to save your money. if you pay a year or three years in advance, it will be slightly cheaper for you with Bluehost.

Always think that you are developing your website for the long term, so you better take advantage of a long-term plan to save more money.


Free Domain

Let's take a look at the free domain, you will don't have to pay anything to get the domain (one) with Bluehost and HostGator for the first year, but if you stop hosting HostGator will charge you $ 16.9.


HostGator Web Hosting


HostGator gives you unmetered storage whereas Bluehost gives you 50GB. But there is an internal truth, unmetered does not means unlimited, they will still charge you if you use more. If you see, in websites, 50 GBs storage is much much more and you never going to use it, most people reach upto 5 to 10 GBs only if there website is heavily loaded with pictures and videos.

So, the Bluehost plans is just same like unmetered of HostGator.


Speed Comparison

This is the most important factor. You can compromise with price, but not with speed. The speed of your website depends on the site of your hosting provider. If you study carefully, Bluehost and HostGator do well and there isn't much of a speed difference, they are both amazingly and support fast crawling. But still a lot of people have tested and found that Bluehost is faster than HostGator and therefore WordPress recommends it in their search results.

But it's not very noticeable, both loads incredibly fast with WordPress and there won't be any issues. Speed ​​off racing is important for your websites ranking in search engines.

As Bluehost is slightly faster than HostGator, so here we recommend Bluehost for WordPress to help you rank higher in search engines.

For testing purposes, the experts created two identical websites and here is the result of speed, stability and stress tests.

1. WordPress Installation test: Bluehost made the task of creating a WordPress website very easy and did everything else automatically in around 3 minutes. Whereas in HostGator, task was somewhat not easy in comparison, the default installer that they have on the dashboard, was not so useful. HostGator is actually offering to install WordPress for you by pop-up message of pay $100 though you are in automatic installer screen. Here, you may feel like they ditch effort to squeeze some money out of you.

Also, there is another solution to launch cpanel, they are offering to install Softaculous apps installer which is again a third-party solution and not developed by HostGator though its free and peoples were able to install WordPress easily.

2. Loading test: Experts used a tool GTMetrix to check the website loading speed for both two identical websites created through Bluehost and HostGator. Though WordPress, in their website are not showing the HostGator in there search result, It was surprising that Bluehost was actually little faster than HostGator. HostGator loaded the WordPress website in 4.2 seconds whereas Bluehost loaded 3.8 seconds.

3. Stability Test: This is to check out how stable both Bluehost and HostGator and for that, experts used a special tool i.e. Pingdom which allows to monitor the downtime of website for the period 24x7.  They ran the test for 7 days and the result was similar i.e. both the hosting sites performed well. Bluehost was offline for just 50 second during the whole week whereas HostGator was 47 seconds.


Auto plugin update facility

Bluehost offers automatic updates, meaning you don't need to go into WordPress and manually update the plugin, themes and the WordPress version itself. This feature is more useful for people who own multiple websites and don't want to waste their time with manual updates. Bluehost also provides you with a free website builder tool which is extremely useful for running your site properly.

Unfortunately, HostGator not providing the feature.


Staging feature

Bluehost provides you free staging feature. A staging feature allows you to create a copy of your website and help to manage changes or development content on that copied site. After finishing your changes or other work, you can just merge the live site with the staging one and your users even not able to notice any error or under construction message in your website.

This great feature is unfortunately not offered by HostGator. The only notable advantage with HostGator over Bluehost is that, it offers completely free site migrations whereas it is chargeable in Bluehost.


Customer support and Services

This is also a very important factor that should be taken into account when choosing web hosting especially for a beginner. When it comes to customer support and services, Bluehost is directly superior to HostGator. HostGator usually takes a few days to get back to you. Both hosting sites say they have 24x7 support, but most people really have a hard time getting help with HostGator.

Bluehost is excellent and very quick to respond to your issues mostly within an hour. Support and customer service is important for everyone but especially for beginners, when you are developing your site or having a problem on your website it is important to get help fast otherwise it will slow down your progression.


The truth of ownership

Bluehost and HostGator are actually owned by the same company, namely Endurance International Group (EIG). EIG has over 60 web hosting companies, Bluehost and HostGator are two of them, so you're not going to choose between two different companies, but trying to choose two products.


Final word

Bluehost and HostGator are the best hosting sites and they are the market leaders, but if you compare both, Bluehost seems a bit superior and more advanced than HostGator.

Bluehost customers are more than HostGator and they trust Bluehost more. Bluehost provides more features, better design, and more frequent updates.

So, you can use Bluehost to host your dream WordPress website. Bluehost wins the match taking into account

1. Themselves recommendation by WordPress

2. Cheaper if you choose a three-year plan

3. The speed is faster than HostGator.

4. Bluehost customer support and services are better than HostGator.

5. Bluehost is the world's largest hosting provider - powering over 2 million websites. i.e. people have more trust.

You may find affiliate links in this article. This means that if you click on a link and purchase any of the products on this page, we may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, It does not affect our knowledge sharing, opinions or reviews. Everything we do is benefit for you as the reader, so all our knowledge sharing, reviews are as honest and unbiased as possible.

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