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Stay mad work someone else | Become a star employee in boss’s eyes

Become a star employee in boss’s eyes
Become a star employee in boss’s eyes

Stay mad work someone else | Become a star employee in boss’s eyes

Everyone wants to be star employees in the eyes of the boss. Don’t worry, it is not a difficult task, it needs your dedication and your intelligence. What type of skill do you need depends entirely on your boss, If your boss like hard-working employees, then you have to work hard and it can take time, but your boss is a fan of smart worker, so it's up to you to see how you can gain his warmth through your communication skills.
The important thing is that you must be a good seller, because a good seller can sell anything. To become a good salesperson, you must have strong communication and presentation skills. Before moving forward, you need to do your SWOT analysis and then your boss's SWOT analysis, and then only you can plan a strategy to achieve your goal, the boss's star employee.
So, here we will discuss ‘how you can be a star employee in the eyes of your boss’ by identifying the needs, expectation of your boss and studying the culture of your office or company.  You must present yourself that you are the most capable person having unique identity in the office and you are the only reliable person for boss.  If you really apply these tips in your workplace, I promise, your boss will consider you as star player and always  favor you in the first place.

Be a committed employee

Try to be a committed employee. Once you agreed something, you must make sure you deliver it within that targeted period. For example, supposed you told your boss, you will do some follow up or you said to your boss you would have a certain meeting with the client or send a certain email, well make sure you do what you see and save your words with action because then your boss as nicer to count on you.
Your boss will start to consider you as someone reliable and able to earn a lot of points in his eyes. Sometimes because life is hectic and your routine is hectic, it is not always possible to respect all of your commitments, but if you are committed to your boss, be sure to respect it, because this little extra effort will allow you to follow the advice that be proactive.

Be a proactive employee

Be a proactive employee to create your super value in your boss’s eye. Don’t wait for your boss’s instruction, you must identify the problems and must solve it proactively.  Suppose if you were a boss, would you like an employee who always needs to know what to do. Someone who doesn't really think for himself, obviously no, not like such an employee, so make sure that you don't become such an employee.
Being a proactive employee, which means coming up with wonderful ideas, running them, showing results, being someone who is willing to take responsibility. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile, someone who always think out of box, able to stretch his boots beyond your because it is always very important to show your boss that you are a proactive worker who appreciates his position in the business and who is ready to go the extra mile.
A proactive person is also a motivated person, therefore someone who is proactive is motivated on their own initiative, which means that the person is always very seriously motivated by the work they do and that such an employee is certainly an asset to the team. So, there is no where your boss is not going to notice, if you are a proactive worker, believe me, to be proactive and become a star yourself.

Improve your interpersonal skill

You must improve your interpersonal skill, it will help you to build trust, respect and show your maturity level. Choosing the demand rather than completing, control your emotions and anger to keep calm, to keep your composure to really be able to work in harmony with everyone present.
It requires lot of patience and really difficult to develop this skill.  There may be times when you experience certain interpersonal issues with certain people in your workplace and you may need to raise this issue with your boss, but when you talk to your boss how you suggest it becomes very important. If you want to be an employee who goes and complains to his boss, who will not show you in a really positive light but if you choose a request rather than a complaint, it shows your maturity, it also shows your professionalism and your team spirit.
For example, let's say that you're having a little problem, receiving cooperation from the marketing team and you're going to see your boss and start complaining about the ineffectiveness and lack of support they have. Then your boss will regard you as someone who complains. But if you talk to your boss and say something like ‘you know, what i just wanted to share something with you, I have a request, if you could support me in working with the marketing team, I would really appreciate it’ and something like this.
Now this request will really show your professionalism, it could even lead to a good relationship between you and the marketing team in the future and your boss will certainly make you more confidence. It will help to  consider you a star player.

Be innovative and ready to take extra responsibilities

You must be creative, proactive with innovations, ready to take extra responsibilities and must be a like source of solutions of all problems. Wherever there is problem that your boss is facing, or your team is facing, you must be able to give innovative solution proactively, for that do a lot of brain work. Life is full of problems and that organizations and businesses are no different, there will be challenges and problems at every stage. Off course  the department problem is your boss's responsibility to solve or find solutions.
Consider it as opportunity and if you become a team member who have the bank of all the innovative solution means if you work really hard to try to find a solution, if you really do this extra, and come up with a creative solution for the problems, you will really be highlighted as an asset, as a star in your team.
Definitely, if you develop this skill, it not only helps you in professional life but also help in personal life.  In the process of finding solutions, you will also perfect your own problem solving skills and that is a great asset.
This way everybody in your team will appreciate you and including your boss and then you will become the star employee in your boss’s eyes.

Work on your own growth

Every person should have target for his own growth, he should not be depending on others. Plan your personal goal for carrier ladder including resources you need. You must update your knowledge regularly and must have vision for yourself in the organization.
You must work hard and smart together in the direction of your planed growth. If you want to grow at a certain pace, make sure you work on yourself, make sure you work hard and sincerely. You do all things right to go on the path of self-targeted growth. There are some employees who continue to wait to be developed, which means that they continue to rely on their bosses, to work on their growth and it's the biggest mistake. If you want to work on your own growth, it's the best thing you can do for yourself because it as you get ambitious, you become good at your job and more sincere employee who works hard. All these is not hidden, your boss can see your efforts and when he begins to see and notice your efforts, not only you become a star in his eyes, but your growth is then a short one. So, make sure you don't sit back and rely on your boss to make sure you grow up, make sure you become a self motivated and manage your own growth in the organization

Be a star team player

It is not possible to work isolate in organization and if you want to achieve something great then you must work in team. As unity is strength, you must work in team but be presentable and you must have your own unique identity. To become a star employee in the eyes of your boss, it is important that you become a star team player. It is important to be someone great to work with someone who is supportive, someone who is friendly, positive and someone who has great interpersonal skills.
Once you become star team player, you become popular with your colleagues, you develop good relationships, you make the working atmosphere easy and positive and that makes the boss notice you because everything he wants frankly , these are people who like to work together and who work well together if you end up becoming the boss's dream employee. And the nobody can prevent you from becoming a star in his eyes.

Be a good employee

Be a proactive and show that you are thinking for growth of organization, you are working genuinely for all problems that your boss is facing and providing proactive solutions for all problems.  So, to prove that you are a good proactive employee and most reliable source for making your boss's life easier,  you should make the process very easy for your boss to work.
For example, let's say your boss mentions you in passing that there is a new project to come if you can do it before do some research for this project and submit it to your boss, it will help in some way sort the workload out of him if you see some problems or snags in the workplace if you are looking for solutions and go to the boss with new ideas to create the solutions without being asked do it, your boss perhaps appreciate your efforts because, all things considered, all the boss wants is an employee who is not only selfish, who not only seeks his own growth but who also thinks in the interest of the company.
Obviously, your work is noticeable to all, not only in your department but other department peoples will also appreciate and start respecting you. When your boss sees you as a person who is loyal to the company and things in the interest of the company, you will certainly become a star in his eyes.

Hope you enjoyed the tips and may be useful for you to become star employees in the eyes of your boss. But you have to work hard and smart, be proactive, creative, innovative, good team player and develop interpersonal skill. Always set your career goals in the organization and update your knowledge continuously. Once you do this, no one can prevent you to become star employee in the eyes of your boss.
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